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"a loveable brand"

Hi we are Shae and Tiana, a sister duo that owns this small business,

KTM Kollections.

Our small business is based in Townsville QLD. We sell accessories and are hoping to bring out new kollections throughout the year. We pride ourselves on our handmade accessories made by the two of us. So we appreciate the support for our small business KTM Kollections.

We started our business in 2020 with the idea to start small and grow by introducing new kollections. Our brand is very loveable, but we have big plans for our business. Our aim at KTM Kollections is to cater to all genders from adults to the little ones.

Meet The Team

I am the creator of KTM Kollections with all the ideas and dreams. I am a mum of 3 who built this business because I couldn't find what I wanted in accessories or clothing for my kids. Thus KTMK was born!

x Shae 


I am the creative of KTM Kollections. "She's the bow maker" is one of my titles, but I also turn the ideas into action to create our products or vision. I like to work behind the scene and assist where needed to help bring our kollections to life.

x Tiana 



The 'K' in KTM Kollections has stepped out and started his own kollection in earrings!

This is what we envisioned for our tribe. That one day the kids would eventually step in if they wanted. You will see the kids modelling Kollections and helping pick new kollections. In the big scheme of things, end up running KTM Kollections for themselves.

"Thank you for shopping at KTM Kollections we appreciate you"

x Koti 

Future Co-Owner

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